How much are churning customers costing you a month?

Warning! Accenture Strategy says it's a lot.
How many employees do you have?
How loyal are your customers?

Hootie, The Auto Assistant, Brings Everyone Together

Hootie tracks, matches, and compiles dedicated account reps and important business locations for every customer.

Track CRM Records

Hootie tracks your CRM updates for new customers and monitors changes to their account reps and important business locations.

Matches CRM Records

Hootie automatically matches CRM records with user contact information and notifies users when they have a new match.

Compiles Connections

Hootie compiles all account reps and important business locations for every user in a self-updating list of connections.

Hootie backs all connections with a 100% always up-to-date guarantee and protects your CRM records with encryption at rest and in transit.

HappAppily is for anyone with customers.

Using HappAppily is like handing every customer a magical business card that can update itself, can be shared with others, and can never be lost.

B2C Relationships

Hootie matches B2C records by email addresses and mobile numbers. B2C relationships are compiled in every users’ private list of connections.


B2B Relationships

Hootie matches B2B records by company website domain. B2B relationships are compiled in secure vendor pages that can be shared among coworkers.

Bulk Add Your CRM Data

Add your locations, employees, and customers with our bulk upload tool. We’ll even help format your exported data from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM On Demand and other systems.


Control Who Sees What


Use cloaking to provide specific customers with specific locations and employees. Cloaking is ideal for large companies.

Invisible Locations

Use invisible locations to hide employee work locations. Invisible locations are ideal for companies with remote or sensitive locations.


Engage Your Customers

Choose the types of info to share with your customers - emails, direct lines, and mobile numbers. Let customers send you direct messages, save your info to their phone, and share your info with their friends.


Connect With Your Vendors

Work more efficiently by sharing vendor info with your team in a secure internal page. When your vendors makes changes to their customer record for you, Hootie automatically updates your vendor contacts.


Mobile App

Put your account reps and business locations right at your cusotmers’ fingertips. The mobile app is the easiest way for customers to connect with you.


Web Widget

Embed the Instant Connect widget in your website’s contact page. The widget provides your customers with personalized contacts right from your website.


Web App

Use the web app to manage your HappAppily Page. Quickly update customer records and modify settings like cloaking and invisible locations.


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